Rational Design
Classic Appearance
Elegance can be found in simplicity, and luxury in plain. This is what Velocifire VM01 mechanical keyboard can display for our customers.
No delicate & gorgeous appearance, it just uses classic design, which is suitable for both game entertainment and office use.
Ergonomic Design
The curve-designed non-slip keycap with ergonomic technology fits your palm and wrist very well. It not only brings you comfortable type feeling but also prevents fatigue when using it for long time. You will get faster response speed during work and perfect gaming experience during game.
Velocifire Tech
N-key Rollover
It uses anti-ghosting 104 keys and N-key rollover technology, allowing multiple keys to work simultaneously without confliction, which lets game lovers enjoy better game experience and achieve perfect game scores.
Icy Blue LED Backlit
The icy blue monochromatic light has a very good protective effect on your eyes and is very convenient for you to type at night. It has lower power consumption, which is environmentally friendly and energy saving. Compared with ordinary RGB light, its power consumption is 10% less.

3 brightness speed levels adjustment.
Easy type in the darkness.
5 cool LED Backlit modes freely.

Laser-engraved Process
All Velocifire keycaps are laser-engraved, which have stronger abrasion resistant and longer use time. Characters on the laser-engraved keycap are not easy to fade and can keep clean for long time.
Using injection molding technology, structure of the keyboard is more stable than ordinary ones. The keyboard is made of top-grade ABS material. It is robust, sturdy and has perfect water & dust proof.
Selected Switch
Extreme Durability
With 60 million times keystroke test, 55+/-20 grams keystroke force and 2.0+/-0.2mm stroke travel. If not subject to external damage, it can even be used as long as 10 years.
Clicky Sound
With best “clicky” tactile feedback, VM01 mechanical brown switch has slightly quiet click sound. It fits for office use very well, such as typist, programmer, writer etc.
Velocifire VM01 mechanical keyboard applies high quality brown switch with best “clicky” tactile feedback to improve typing speed and accuracy. It has slightly quiet click sound and also fits for typist, programmer, writer etc.