[GB Closed] Bubble75 Gasket Kit Add-Ons

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Hotswap PCB (Default):

QMK/VIA Supported, Hotswap , compatible with PCB stabs.

Soldered PCB:

QMK/VIA Supported, Soldered PCB, compatible with PCB stabs, ladder capslocks, normal Enter key, 7-character Enter key

Note: Be sure to purchase additional positioning plates (FR4 plate, Brass plate, Alu plate, POM plate) if a customer is buying a soldered PCB

Poron gaskets pack

Brass Plate kit : Brass Plate and Poron gaskets pack

FR4 Plate kit : FR4 Plate and gaskets pack

Pom plate kit : Pom plate and gaskets pack

Alu plate kit : Alun plate and gaskets pack

GB Time: Oct. 8th – Oct. 25th, 2021

Estimate Delivery: April, 2022 (the delivery time of vendor is estimated to be a little later)

Defective items need to be reported to us via email within 10 days of receiving the product for free replacements.