Dumang keys

Velocifire × Dumang DK6 Ergo V2 — The Lego-like Freestyle Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard.

Your Keyboard Your Layout, No Pain.

No matter ANSI or ISO, gaming or work, long or short fingers, we get you covered in one keyboard. You just need to place each key anywhere you want without changing to a new keyboard.

Dumang different layout

10× Faster Than Traditional Keyboards

Unique co-processor with patented dynamic debounce technology plus 32bit ARM 70MHz main control chip ensure every demand on every key can be handled in 1 ms, no double or missed key register. When traditional keyboards normally use 8bit ARM 16MHz alone, they need 20 ms to handle debounce delay. Even worse, some brands just shorten the necessary 20 ms without debounce tech, when switches get ageing, double or missed click will happen frequently.

Velocifire Dumang Software

Your Personalized Keyboard

You can set 4 layers of key mapping, RGB, and macros for work and gaming. You can switch layers on keyboard, use key combinations, set RGB colors for each key independently. More UI and Introduction can be found here.

Hot Swappable Switches

If you want to try different typing experience, you can simply swap its switches without desoldering or buying a new one.

Velocifire × Dumang DK6 Ergo V2 chip for every key
Velocifire × Dumang DK6 Ergo V2 blue

Brand Name Velocifire × Dumang DK6 Ergo V2
Series Dumang DK6
Item model number Ergo V2
Connector Type Type-C plug
Color Black
Battery Type and Size Build-in Lithium Battery, 1800 mAh
Cable Length 200 cm
Switch Cherry/Kailh hot swap switches
System compatibility Windows XP/ Vista/7/8/10, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Android