[IC]Fokrere 82 Keyboard Kit

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Colors: E-White, E-Black,E-Orange, E-Purple, E-Blue, Anodized Blue, Anodized Green.
(All E-colors will be limited, Anodized Blue and Green unlimited)
Integrated mount
Aluminum 6063
Single backlight
G3 Software(software screenshot here)
Keyboard Angle: 5 degrees
Keyboard size:362*151*31mm
Weight of the kit:1.7kg
The standard kit comes with:
*Aluminum alloy case * 1
*Solder PCB * 1
*Plate Mounted Stabilizers
*Brass Name badge (Blank name badge will be extra)
**The case allows 5000 mAh battery (compartment size 160*80*4mm), you need to purchase it yourself if you purchase Wireless PCB (Bluetooth 5.1) as extra.
Price: USD$299 including paypal fee and shipping for most countries.
GB Opens: 7PM PDT, Sep. 21th. (10AM, GMT+8, Sep. 22th) – 7PM PDT, Oct.7th

Delivery: Within 2 months after GB ends.

*NOTE: All colors can have “Blank namebadge” or “Fokrere namebage” version, pls leave order note for your choice (1 only).