[GB]Fokrere 82 Keyboard Kit

Albums here. Video here.
Colors: E-White, E-Black,E-Orange, E-Purple, E-Blue, Anodized Blue, Anodized Green.
(All E-colors will be limited, Anodized Blue and Green unlimited)

Integrated mount
Aluminum 6063
Wired/Wireless (wired PCB by default, can upgrade to wireless, only once per kit)
Single backlight
G3 Software(software screenshot here
Keyboard Angle: 5 degrees
Keyboard size:362*151*31mm
Weight of the kit:1.7kg
The standard kit comes with:
*Aluminum alloy case * 1
*Solder PCB * 1
*Plate Mounted Stabilizers
*Brass Name badge (Blank name badge will be extra)
**The case allows 5000 mAh battery (compartment size 160*80*4mm), you need to purchase it yourself if you purchase Wireless PCB (Bluetooth 5.1) as extra.
Price: USD$299 including paypal fee and shipping for most countries.
GB Opens: 7PM PDT, Sep. 21th. (10AM, GMT+8, Sep. 22th) – 7PM PDT, Oct.7th
Delivery: Within 2 months after GB ends.
*NOTE: All colors can have “Blank namebadge” or “Fokrere namebage” version, pls leave order note for your choice (1 only).
Please also note that this GB is unrefundable. Feel free to Join our discord server here.