Velocifire M2, A Portable, Customizable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 

 61- keys | Wireless or Wired | Mac and Windows | Remappable keys | 3 Bluetooth Devices | Hot Swap Switches | Unlimited RGB

Note: When backing on Kickstarter, your credit card will not be charged untill the crowdfunding ends on Feb. 6th. Estimated shipping time is early March, 2020.

For Windows and Mac, with Mac Dedicated Function Keys

You can switch it from Windows to Mac mode, and use Mac-specific function keys like using a normal Mac book.

M2 for Mac and Windows

Connect with Up to 3 Bluetooth Devices

You can pair it with Up to 3 Bluetooth Devices at a quick tab away and switch

among them like a breeze.You can also use it in wired mode when charging.

Velocifire M2 Connect 3 devices
Velocifire M2 work with Ipad

Your Personalized Keyboard

You can set 3 layers of key mapping, RGB, and macros for work and gaming.

For example, you can create a work profile, remap F1 to open a daily used website

or run a software , F2 a long password, right ALT as backspace, and set a single

backlit for work.You can create a gaming profile, set WASD or IJKL as arrows, RGB effects for different games.

Hot Swappable Switches

If you want to try different typing experience, you can simply swap its switches without desoldering or buying a new one.

Velocifire M2 Hot Swappable Switches