[GB Closed]Sun68 Gasket Keyboard Kit

Designed by Sunkey

Gasket Mount 6063 Alu case
QMK/VIA Supported Hotswap PCB
PC Plate
Brass/Alu weight
6° Typing Angle
Poron Dampening pads

Sun68S with Alu Weight
Sun68P with Brass Weight

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GB Time: May 26th – June 9th 2021
Estimate Delivery Time: Before end of December 2021 to vendors and Velocifire website buyers.
Note: Refunds may not be available after submission of your Group Buy order to manufacturer. Any available refund will be deducted 1% processing fee. The final product color may vary from the original photos but at an acceptable aspect. Please check more high resolution photos and videos here.



Sun68 – An Elegant Gasket Mount 65% Keyboard Kit

Inovative Gasket Mount to Ensure a Satisfying Typing Feel

Includes gaskets around plates, cases and screws, foams between case and PCB, PCB and plate, PCB and swiches so that you can customize the feeling and sound you like as much as you can.

TWO Editions for Your Choices

Sun68 provides a standard edition with  gold colored anodized Alu weight (SUN68S) and a premium edition with gold plated brass weight (SUN68P).

Gold Plated Brass Weight

As heavy as 0.55kg, the solid build brass weight gives you an extremely premium feel for SUN68P Edition.

Variations and Price

Sun68S has 7 colors ( gold color and black color alu weight ) and Sun68P has 5 colors( gold plated brass weight only).

Build Guide

Current one can be found here (To be updated later).

Vendors List and Limits:
US:Deskhero (Limit to 400 in total, goes live at 11PM EST, May 26th 2021)
CA: Deskhero (Limit to 200 in total)
EU: Mykeyboard (Limit to 150 in total)
SEA: Zion Studios (Limit to 150 in total)
Rest of the world: Velocifire (Limit to 100 in total)