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[GB]Pikachu Keycap[Free shipping]


Specs: Made with resin, SA profile R1, R2, R3, R4, Cherry profile R4

GB Opens:March 18, 2020- April 6, 2020

Order shipping estimated time: June


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[GB Closed]Bubble75 Standard Kit


6063 Alu case in White, Blue, Black, Green, Sky blue, White and Black, Yellow and Black, Red and Black, Gray and Black

Anodized gold/black/silver colored Alu weight or Brass Weight

PCB with USB-C daughterboard

Wired QMK/VIA Supported Hotswap PCB

PC plate(flex cut design)

Poron Dampening pads

PE Foam Pad Included

Screws and standoffs




104-key Mac layout mechanical keyboard, plug and play, LED white backlit, Brown switches, for typists, programmers, gamers, designers, and all keyboard buffs.

Velocifire TKL01 Wired Out Of Stock



Mechanical Keyboard 87-Key Tenkeyless with Brown Switches LED Illuminated Backlit Anti-ghosting Keys for Copywriter, Gamer and Programmer

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[GB]Milk cow and Lion keycap[Free shipping]


Milk Cow keycaps Specs: Made with resin, MX STEM, SA & DOM profile
Lion keycap Specs: MX STEM
GB Opens: February 22, 2021- March 19, 2021
Estimated delivery: Orders are expected to be dispatched within two months after placing an order.