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[GB Closed]Sun20pro Macro Pad


The standard kit comes with:

* Aluminum alloy 6063 top case * 1, bottom case *1

* PCB * 1

* Electroplated brass plate * 1

* One Knob, 20mm(Outer diameter)x15 (Height) mm


[Limited stock]S58 Keyboard Kit


TOP mount
Aluminum top case: WKL or HHKB layout
Pure copper bottom case: pure copper lettering bottom case, the surface is polished, which will naturally oxidize
Carbon fiber plate: Also support ISO and split BACKSPACE
PCB: soldered PCB, TYPE-C interface, QMK, RGB
Keyboard Angle: 6-7 degrees
Keyboard size: 300* 110 * 30 mm
Weight of the kit: 1.2 kg
Price: USD$224-260 including PayPal fee and shipping for most countries.
GB Opens: October 12- October 31
Delivery: Within 2 months after GB ends.

Out Of Stock

[PRE-ORDER]Fokrere 82 Keyboard Kit


Colors: E-White, E-Black,E-Orange, E-Purple, E-Blue, Anodized Blue, Anodized Green.
(All E-colors will be limited, Anodized Blue and Green unlimited)
Integrated mount
Aluminum 6063
Single backlight
G3 Software(software screenshot here)
Keyboard Angle: 5 degrees
Keyboard size:362*151*31mm



104-key Mac layout mechanical keyboard, plug and play, LED white backlit, Brown switches, for typists, programmers, gamers, designers, and all keyboard buffs.