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Forest Green [More]

Wine Red + Black [More]

Royal Blue [More]

Pink + E-White [More]



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Wine Red+Black



Royal Blue



Forest Green


Features Of Choice 65

5 kinds of color to choose

2 Anodized case colors:
Royal Blue
Forest Green

3 Combo case colors:
Wine Red (Anodized)+Black (Anodized), Pink(Anodized)+White(E-coat)

Consistent typing experience

We did not use the plate gasket mount. Instead, the poron pad between PCB and plate is used to replace the existing bottom case gaskets by extending and lengthening. Meanwhile, a 2mm plate poron pad is added on the plate to replace the top case gaskets. Therefore, the force point is evenly distributed, it can obtain a very consistent typing experience. At the same time, this mount can greatly reduce the cumbersome process of assembly.

Comfortable feel of case

A low price for us doesn't mean we compromise on materials or workmanship. Relying on a strong supply chain, we still use 100% Full CNC 6063 aluminum, and adopt our last well-received DolphinS75 case coating process, which can definitely let you experience a silky smooth touch feel !

Choice 65 Specifications

Table header 0 
Size314.15 * 110.1 mm
Type angle
Front height19.8 mm
Case material100% Full CNC 6063 aluminum
WeightAbout 1.2kg (excluding switches and keycaps), 1.4kg (including switches and keycaps)
Case coating processAnodizing, Electrophoresis
PlatePC (Default), Alu( all plates only support ANSI layout); Support screw-in stabilizers
MountGasket mount
Polling rate 1000 Hz

PCB Features

  • Black core
  • No felx cuts
  • Support VIA
  • Do not support QMK
  • PCB thickness: 1.2mm
  • Support stepped caps lock
  • Support 6.25u, 7u spacebar
  • Wired Hotswap PCB (ANSI), With daughterboard


Explosion Diagram

Kit Content

  • Top/bottom/left/right case*1
  • Plate pad*1
  • PC Plate*1
  • Poron pad between switches and PCB (IXPE) *1
  • Poron pad between PCB and plate*1
  •  Hotswap PCB*1
  • Stainless steel PVD Weight*1
  • Poron bottom pad *1
  • Badge*1
  • AOI03 Daughterboard*1
  • Cable between PCB and daughterboard*1
  • Anti-static sheet*1
  • Foot pad*4
  • hex screwdriver*1
  • Phillips screw*6
  • Cylindrical head hexagon socket screws*4
  • Keyboard carrying bag*1

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Please read the disclaimers below before purchasing the product.

Purchase Disclaimer

  • The shipping fee doesn't include import tax fee.
  • There will be a 5.4% + 0.3 Paypal process fee on order cancellations and refunds after placing an order.
  • Choice65 keyboard is a GB item. Estimated shipping time is about 15 days after GB ends. Delays and setbacks may occur. You agree to these terms by default when purchasing.
  • GB item will not have order combination. Please place only one order.
  • No refunds or cancellations after the GB ends.
  • You cannot add any in-stock items to your order as we cannot guarantee its availability when the group buy is ready to ship.
  • You cannot combine this group buy order with a previous order as we cannot hold on to an order until the other one arrives.
  • You cannot combine this group buy order with a previous order as we cannot hold on to an order until the other one arrives.
  • You cannot order 2 kinds of GB/pre-order product together in one order.

Quality Disclaimer

  • Appearance QC standards (including Stainless steel PVD weight) are as follows:

    According to GB QC standard, our QC is in the light conditions are normal, and keep the distance between 20-25 cm to check the keyboard‘s appearance. If there is no defect then the QC check is passed.

    If the keyboard has problems such as dirt/spot/trachoma, as long as the dirt/spot/trachoma is less than 0.8-2.0 mm² (check with a film caliper), the QC check will pass. You can view the table of QC standards for dirt/spot/trachoma.
  • Plating marks caused by hanging holes inside during keyboard production are normal phenomena during production.
  • Due to the special material properties of PVD, there may be slight, unavoidable dust on the mirror surface during production. These are normal phenomena and within our quality approval range.
  • The final product color may be different from the rendering, but it is an acceptable range. It mainly refers to the actual product.
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