Specifications 120 pieces. Compatible for CHERRY MX, Kailh, Outemu, and Content Switches.  
PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilizers
Specifications Translucent Smokey Grey and Clear housings Golden Wires set Designed for MX-compatible PCB Boards Pre-clipped Insert method, no need to clip the feet. Fit for 60% and 80% Keyboard Set. Polymer Nylon PA Outer Casing. Higher Hardness, Gold-plated Stainless...
CIDOO Ergonomic Metal Switch Opener Set
Description ●Metal Material: Industrial-grade precision machining, anodized look 
●Replaceable magnetic switch support: Equipped with 2 different sizes of switch support, magnetic design, easy to replace, suitable for most switch●Ergonomic design: Quick and precise open the shaft body without hurting hands or switch
●Portable storage: Each...
Rainbow Coiled Cable
Specifications Professional reversed coil design. USB-C to USB-A Cable supports safe fast charging and the speed of data sync up. Supports most Type-C mechanical gaming keyboards. Adopts a 4-pin core metal Aviator Connector with a self-locking structure for plug-in and...
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