About US

Velocifire was created in 2015 and initially, we were just a small team. The original idea was to design and build a mechanical keyboard for the game. We also put our ideas into practice. In the first two years of the team’s inception, we designed and produced different types and characteristics of gaming keyboards. Although we have won the support and affirmation of some friends, under the pressure of the market and with continuous expansion, the team disagreed with Velocifire’s brand positioning and product development direction. How can we get out of the brand development path that belongs only to Velocifire? How to focus on Velocifire’s products? How can we develop more scientifically and reasonably? These have become issues that Velocifire must consider along with growing and developing.


After many discussions and thoughts by the team, we reached an agreement. At this time, only the change of thinking is the long-term development direction of the future. Decided to shift the focus of research and design of our products to the development of mechanical keyboards for the office population. Of course, we also consider the consequences of this transition, and we may lose some of our game customers. So how to retain our existing customers is also a problem we must think about.


Why do we choose a mechanical keyboard for the office? We conduct research, questionnaires, etc. on some customers through analysis on the market. Found that the huge mechanical keyboard market, there is no mechanical keyboard designed for the office crowd. How can we miss such a major discovery? Of course, we also analyzed why people would ignore the office mechanical keyboard.


Through the analysis of the market at that time, we found that the neglect of the office-type mechanical keyboard is mainly due to

  • Traditionally, mechanical keyboards are only used to serve the game crowd. The general population does not know enough about mechanical keyboards.
  • The characteristics of mechanical keyboards, such as the sound of clicking, are not suitable for quiet places such as offices.
  • The price of the mechanical keyboard is relatively high, and it is difficult for the general population to purchase.

So we intend to develop a mechanical keyboard for office use for these problems.

Towards New Horizons

How to choose the mechanical switch suitable for office on the basis of ensuring the quality and reasonable price is the first problem we face. At the same time, we can’t completely ignore our existing game customers. After extensive research and communication analysis, the Brown Switch was finally selected. The Brown Switch is characterized by a relatively small sound and tactile feedback. Choose a cherry-like brown switch that is similar to cherry and can be delivered to consumers at a reasonable price while maintaining quality and mechanical keyboard effects. At the same time, the brown switch can take into account the needs of some gamers and is our best choice.


The upgraded version of the office-type mechanical keyboard has also been recognized by consumers and has introduced a variety of types such as the full keyboard, 87 keys, 61 keys, wired models and wireless models. Constantly enriching the market for office mechanical keyboards.


In 2018, we found that the market is a high-priced mechanical keyboard for Mac users, and a few mechanical keyboards that are compatible with Mac OS cannot fully meet the needs of Mac users. After half a year of research and development, Velocifire launched the Mac M87 Mechanical Keyboard at the end of 2018. Full reference to the layout design of the Mac membrane keyboard, 100% compatible with Mac OS, reasonable price and good quality as always, won the welcome. Then we also plan to introduce a variety of different types of Mac mechanical keyboards.


Along the way, Velocifire experienced a transformation of the product, during which time there were difficulties and confusion, but in the end, the moon was seen in the cloud. We believe the difficulty is the reverse side of improving. At first, we only have a small idea, after four years of polishing, we became more and more firmer. With everyone’s support and affirmation, Velocifire will bring you more good products with good quality in the future. You are well welcome to SUBSCRIBE US to check the latest deals, products, and more. Thank you all!