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  • Translucent Smokey Grey and Clear housings

  • Golden Wires set

  • Designed for MX-compatible PCB Boards

  • Pre-clipped Insert method, no need to clip the feet.

  • Fit for 60% and 80% Keyboard Set.

  • Polymer Nylon PA Outer Casing. Higher Hardness, Gold-plated Stainless Steel

  • Wires and Screws

  • Color: Smokey Grey, Transparent



Package included

  • 4x 2u Stabilizers

  • 1x 6.25u Stabilizers

  • 1x 7u Wire

  • 10x Washers

  • 10x Gold-plated Screws


Installation video



7– 15 days after placing order. 



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  • Due to different lighting, the final product color may be slightly different from the rendering, but within an acceptable range, the pictures are for reference only.

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Polymer Nylon PA Outer Casing. Higher Hardness, Gold-plated Stainless Steel Wires and Screws.
The Velocifire stabilizers Outer Casing wire holding clasp is made to prevent stripping of the wires, different from regular Cherry PCB mount stabilizers and others.


The wire and the copper thread of these stabilizers are gold-plated. The clear body used hard material which is very hard and won’t be easy to be bent and get the wire out.


Translucent Smokey housings and the Golden Wires set gives your board a clear and golden edge. Designed for MX-compatible PCB Boards, the Transparent Stabilizer pack helps bring out the color in your LED-backlit keyboard.


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