CIDOO ABM641 60% Keyboard Kit (Fully Assembled)
RGB dances with music Here is a musical place waiting for you to open!music RGB lighting effects will dance rhythmically with music when you connect the driver to play music.    Please pay attention To avoid damaging PCB hot-swapping sockets,...
CIDOO ABM648 64% Keyboard Kit
The king of the performance The super high performance depends on a powerful PCBA, which is responsible for everything from custom key commands to custom RGB settings.It also uses the immersion gold process which is anti-oxidation, longer life, stronger conductivity,...
CIDOO Ergonomic Metal Switch Opener Set
Description ●Metal Material: Industrial-grade precision machining, anodized look 
●Replaceable magnetic switch support: Equipped with 2 different sizes of switch support, magnetic design, easy to replace, suitable for most switch●Ergonomic design: Quick and precise open the shaft body without hurting hands or switch
●Portable storage: Each...
Dumang DK6
from $165.00
Dumang DK6
20-88 keys | FreeStyle Layouts | Remappable keys | Hot-Swap Switches Switch Options:Cherry Hotswap Brown, Blue, RedKailh Hotswap Box Red, White, Brown Package list:88 keys = 72*1U keys, 16 *1.25U keys, 1 set of ABS doubleshot keycaps, 10 blank 1.25U...
from $165.00
Fokrere 82 Keyboard Kit
Specifications Gasket Mount CNC 6063 Alu case VIA Supported  Type-C Wired Single backlight 5° Typing Angle Keyboard size:362*151*31mm Weight of the kit:1.7kg Integrated mount   Estimate shipping time: Within one week after placing order    
Specifications 120 pieces. Compatible for CHERRY MX, Kailh, Outemu, and Content Switches.  
PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilizers
Specifications Translucent Smokey Grey and Clear housings Golden Wires set Designed for MX-compatible PCB Boards Pre-clipped Insert method, no need to clip the feet. Fit for 60% and 80% Keyboard Set. Polymer Nylon PA Outer Casing. Higher Hardness, Gold-plated Stainless...
Rainbow Coiled Cable
Specifications Professional reversed coil design. USB-C to USB-A Cable supports safe fast charging and the speed of data sync up. Supports most Type-C mechanical gaming keyboards. Adopts a 4-pin core metal Aviator Connector with a self-locking structure for plug-in and...
Sold Out
[Extra] Sun68 Gasket Keyboard Kit
  Update Selling extra (2022-08-11): US/Canada Vendor:  Deskhero Other areas: Velocifire Estimate shipping time: Within one week after placing order  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Designed by Sunkey Specifications Gasket Mount 6063 Alu case QMK/VIA Supported Hotswap PCB PC Plate(flex cut design) Brass weight 6°...
New Sold Out
[In Production] QX Carmine Cloud Keycaps Kit
Specifications Vertical Gradient Color+Center Large Characters Material: PBT material Printing Technology: TDS (Thermal Dye Sublimation) Profile: Cherry profile Support ANSI Layout (60% / 80% / 100%) CHERRY G80-3000, 3494 Leopold 660M / 980M WinKeyLess Keyboard Customized (60% / 65% / 75%...
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