Dumang Ergo Thumb Key

Switch :
1U Keycap Color :

P.S. 1.25u keycap color is white by default

Please contact us: support@velocifiretech.com if you have any questions.

Hot-Swap Switches


Switch Options:

Cherry Hotswap: Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Silver
Kailh Hotswap: Box Black, Blue, KS Silver, KS Pink, Box Brown, Box Red, Box White


Keycap Color Options: 

1U key: White, Black, Red

1.25U key: White only



DK6 is compatible with the MX switches, the 3-foot switches can be installed directly, and the 5-foot switches can be installed by cutting off two plastic positioning feet. Low profile switches and optical switches are not applicable.

* Dk6 supports NKRO, and it can also run in 6KRO mode.

* Leave a note for the exact Cherry/Kailh switch and color of ABS keycap set when placing order. 


Delivery:  5 – 15 days after placing order.

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